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Under the microscope: Louise, HR Administrator

Under the microscope here is Louise who is a HR Administrator. We get asked numerous questions about what it’s like to work at Riverview Law so we decided to profile some of the different roles throughout our business. We have published a series of case studies on Riverview Law employees which will give you a feel for the people within our business, the roles they undertake and what it’s like to work here.

Me: Louise 

My role: HR Administrator

What I did before joining: 

Prior to working in Riverview Law I spent 9 months working as a Client Relationship Coordinator in a HR company, this role followed on straight from my degree at Edge Hill University where I studied Early Childhood Studies.

Why I joined:    

I joined Riverview Law because I had heard nothing but positive feedback about the business. It was clear that the culture here was of key importance and that all current employees could vouch for that. Having not worked in this line of work before, it was all completely new to me. However, straight away I started noticing and understanding just how successful Riverview Law was becoming, and how much change was taking place. Being involved in this is a fantastic opportunity which would be hard to turn down.

What surprised me most in my first week at Riverview Law:

For me my first week at Riverview Law was a massive success. The week long induction that took place really displayed the six values. I met a lot of members of staff, all carrying out different roles within the business.  Time was taken to ensure that we all knew every individual is a key part of the business and all of this was done whilst having fun

What I’ve learnt since joining:

Since joining Riverview Law I have grown massively in my HR knowledge and my personal confidence. I have learnt that support is here any time, and everyone is happy to help! I have been exposed to a massive amount in my time here and Ihave been encouraged every step of the way to ask questions, give feedback and succeed in what I am doing. Not only have I learnt a huge amount in my role, I have also had the opportunity to learn about other roles within the business.

What I enjoy most about my job:

I enjoy coming into the office every day to such a pleasant atmosphere with positive and friendly people. Having such great colleagues makes coming in every day so much easier, it really is One Team! I also appreciate how many opportunities I am given to develop my HR knowledge, and learn more and more on a daily basis. The support given from my manager and other members of the team really encourages me to push myself.

How Riverview Law compares with other places I’ve worked:

I have never worked in a place where literally every individual is appreciated. The whole business regularly get updates from our Chief Executive; this allows us all to know exactly where we are as a business, and ask any questions we may have. The social side of the business is not like I’ve experienced in any previous jobs. Riverview encourages social events, many of them being organised by our Social Committee. The business understands that it is important for all employees to connect both inside and outside of work.

Why I’m still here:

There are many reasons why I am still here, the main reason being my personal development. I have noticed massively how much I have learnt since joining the business and the encouragement I have received since day one to progress within the business.  I am treated as an individual and been offered a huge amount of support to get to where I want to be. Also of course, the people here are a definite reason to stay!

What I’d say to potential applicants:

I would recommend to anyone thinking of applying to just do it! Whatever role it is for, it does not matter. When Riverview says they encourage people to be themselves, they really do mean it!

Creation of Technology Business and launch of Software as a Service solutions for In-house teams

Riverview Law, the fixed priced legal services business, has launched ‘Riverview Law In-house’, a range of software modules that help In-house legal teams in large organisations manage matters, evolve their operating model and improve their effectiveness and efficiency. The Riverview Law In-house software modules complement the existing range of services that Riverview Law offers to large businesses, all of which are experiencing rapid growth. Riverview Law also announces that it is setting-up a separate technology business to exploit the software that it has built and the IP that it has and is creating. The Riverview Law ‘In-house’ modules announced today are just the first of a range of solutions that will be brought to market that have been built using the Riverview Law technology and IP. Riverview Law In-house Riverview Law In-house packages the Riverview Law service delivery and operating model into software modules that can be tailored to any organisation. These modules can be purchased by in-house legal functions individually or in any combination. The In-house modules complement Riverview Law’s existing offerings but are stand-alone and do not require a customer to use Riverview Law’s managed services or other solutions. The initial modules include Instruction Manager which helps manage the flow and the triage of matters into and out of the in-house function and Contract Manager which manages new contract creation from start to finish via multi-language and multi-channels (desktop, tablet, mobile).  The Analytics module provides detailed management information and business insight. Implementation Manager supports and drives the set-up and go-live process and Configuration Manager enables in-house control and management of the workflows, processes and reporting. More modules will be launched in 2015. Riverview Law Technology Business This new business, which will be set-up as a separate entity, will focus on exploiting Riverview Law IP and will be free to license it to any third party including competitors to Riverview Law. Over the last few years it has become clear to the Board of Riverview Law that its technology, built from the user-up not the developer down, has much wider application. The new business will seek to exploit these opportunities. Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law said: “In launching these modules we are following customer demand. Over the last two years many GCs and legal teams have asked if they can license our technology for their internal use. Now they can. The great thing is that our technology is proven and low risk because our teams use the same model to deliver our managed service solutions successfully to existing customers globally. We have always understood the need to combine people, processes and technology effectively. Our service delivery model is built on this approach and so are these modules.” “Creating a technology business that is separate from Riverview Law is a big and natural step for us. We use technology widely in our business. It is a core part of our operating model and mind-set. However, creating a global technology business requires both a different business model and different skills. By establishing this as a separate business the Board now has maximum flexibility for how it develops, manages and grows this area while retaining our focus on growing Riverview Law.”

December 2014 Market Horizon Scanning  

Welcome to the December 2014 edition of the Riverview Law Market Scanning Report. As part of our market and horizon scanning activities we have always collected and circulated internally relevant legal market articles, commentaries, reports and blogs. When we shared this data with a GC he asked why we didn’t routinely share this with him because he’d find it invaluable. It was a good question! So, we now publish this report which, as you’ll see below, contains links to what we think are the most interesting and relevant legal market commentaries of the last month – November 2014. Best wishes,

The Riverview Law R&D Team

November 2014

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Everything You Need to Know About the Past, Present, and Future of Legaltech in Canada Techvibes November 10 2014 Can the Big4 succeed in law this time? Beaton Capital November 11 2014 Legal Futures report: City firms embracing innovation Legal Futures November 11 2014 Pandora’s Box Or Panacea? Lessons From The U.K.’s Liberalization Of Law-Firm Ownership Forbes November 13 2014 Competition blurring sectors McLaren November 20 2014

The Changing Face of Work and Workplace Learning LinkedIn November 27 2014


What are the I.T. specifications of Riverview Law In-house?

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The Riverview Law In-house solution is robust, scalable and secure. It is fully compliant with ISO27001 and BS9001. It is a hosted solution operating from a Tier 3 data centre. It has full integrity, access control policies, active-to-active fail-over and Disaster Recovery. Riverview Law has a lot of experience in working with the I.T. and risk teams in large organisations to structure the set-up so that it is fully compliant with whatever the Information and Security Requirements are of any organisation.

What in-house modules are available?

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The modules range from ‘Instruction Manager’, through ‘Contract Manager’ to ‘Analytics’. Super-Users access the ‘Configuration Manager’ module. Initial implementation and set-up support is provided by a Riverview Law dedicated team using the ‘Implementation Manager’ module. Customers can buy one or any combination of the modules. Each module is tailored to the behaviours and processes of an individual organisation. This approach helps minimise initial change, increase user acceptance and reduce implementation risk.

How does Riverview Law in-house help in-house functions evolve their operating model?

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Riverview Law In-house is a catalyst for change. It helps in-house functions start and continue their transformation journey in a structured and effective way, starting with where they are today but with a clear view of where they want to get to. It allows them to take one or more of the proven Riverview Law technology modules and tailor them to their business. In a low risk way it helps them automate existing processes and free the time of their team so that they have space to evolve their operating model.

How do we help in-house teams set up and implement Riverview Law In-house?

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Riverview Law experts support the implementation process. In a structured way, recognising that these are as much services as they are technology projects, a Riverview Law dedicated implementation team works with each customer to ensure that the solutions are introduced smoothly and effectively. As importantly, the solutions are also set-up to be self-maintained by each customer with additional day-to-day support being provided by the experienced Riverview Law Customer Service Centre which provides both user and technical assistance.

Is it easy for in-house teams, lawyers, paralegals and project managers to use and maintain the platform?

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The Riverview Law In-house modules are easy to use for a lawyer, paralegal or legal assistant because they have been built from the user up and not from the IT developer down. They have been built so that they can be set-up, maintained and evolved by Super-Users who are not IT professionals or developers. The key philosophy underpinning the Riverview Law software development model is the emphasis on configuration rather than coding, an emphasis which enables a quick and effective response to trends or regulatory or other change.

What is Riverview Law In-house?

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Riverview Law In-house comprises a range of modules designed to help in-house legal teams make better and quicker decisions. It helps them control the legal process, whether legal support is delivered internally and/or by third parties. It helps in-house teams improve their efficiency and effectiveness by automating existing processes and tailoring workflows to fit their business and their way of working. The modules are easy to use and configure which ensures the legal function stays in control in a cost-effective way.