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December 2013 Market Horizon Scanning Report

Welcome to the December 2013 edition of the Riverview Law Market Scanning Report.

As part of our market and horizon scanning activities we have always collected and circulated internally relevant legal market articles, commentaries, reports and blogs. When we shared this data with a GC he asked why we didn’t routinely share this with him because he’d find it invaluable. It was a good question!

So, we now publish this report which, as you’ll see below, contains links to what we think are the most interesting and relevant legal market commentaries of the last month – November 2013.

November 2013

Legal Market assessment report 2012/13
The Law Society
November 2013

A report by the New York City Bar Association on New Lawyers in a Changing Profession
New York City Bar Association
Fall 2013

Big law. New law. Ethical risk.
Richard Moorhead
20 November 2013

Will continuing to ban non lawyer ownership make US firms and clients less competitive?
ABA Journal
1 November 2013

Lawyers in lavish offices still don’t get client demands
Financial Post
1 November 2013

Legal Outsourcing Guide
The inside perspective for buyers of legal services
The Global Legal Post
1 November 2013

“Entrepreneurial?” Really?
Blog: Adam Smith, Esq.
7 November 2013 

Big Law Still Needs to Get a Lot Smaller
Business Week
11 November 2013

Legal fees cut by better law department management
The Global Legal Post
11 November 2013

Latest data reveals growing problems for OldLaw
ABA Journal
13 November 2013

What managers and GCs should know about technology in the law department
Inside Counsel
21 November 2013