Freeing your team to work on business critical activities

We support in-house teams as they tactically and strategically evolve the way they provide legal and commercial support to their internal and external customers. We help them as they refine and build a legal operating model that ensures that all legal and related work is undertaken by the right people, in the right place, at the right time and at the right price; whether that work is undertaken in-house and/or by external providers.

We provide large corporations with a high quality, fixed priced and proven alternative to using traditional law firms and/or growing the size of their in-house legal function. Using customer dedicated teams which combine lawyers, client managers, data analysts and other professionals, all employed by Riverview Law, we help free the internal legal team to focus on higher value added strategic and tactical requirements.

Easy to use dashboards and analytics that help you make better and quicker decisions

What you can expect as a customer

Our Managed Service offering is applicable to the 60%-70% of legal work that large businesses do week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out that can be packaged into long-term managed service arrangements; from commercial contract and obligation management, through employment and IP to patents and property. Organisations buy our Managed Service for different reasons; fixed priced, lower cost, dedicated to customer teams, comprehensive management information (MI). As one customer observed “I didn’t realise that I’d bought the ‘tip of the iceberg’.”

This is why our strapline is ‘Legal input. Business output.’ This approach has a profound impact on the way we recruit, the people we employ and our induction, reward and measurement processes. It is reflected in our implementation model which helps us become a seamless part of the customer team. It is demonstrated by the way we use management information and data to help our customers. It’s why our Moments of Truth philosophy underpins everything we do.

Why do businesses buy our LAO solutions?

Creating the foundational data and context layer that helps legal to be AI ready

Becoming a seamless part of your in-house team

How do we implement LAO contracts?

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