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Meet Kim – the power behind Riverview Law’s Legal Virtual Assistant plans

Riverview Law has today gone live with Kim, technology that will from Q1 2016 power a ground breaking series of legal Virtual Assistants which complement existing Riverview Law managed service and technology solutions.

Kim is the new name for the technology that combines the CliXLEX platform, which Riverview Law acquired in August 2015, with the output from its R&D unit plus the other technologies that Riverview Law has invested in. Riverview Law worked with CliXLEX for a year before acquiring the company. These latest developments build on Riverview Law’s partnership with the University of Liverpool to leverage its artificial intelligence and related expertise.

The Kim technology is applicable to all sectors and is already being used outside the legal market. In addition to licensing its technology to third parties Kim will, in certain areas, launch its own products.

The Riverview Law Virtual Assistants are designed to help legal teams make quicker and better decisions. They will be able to take on many tasks for lawyers, combining Riverview Law’s legal domain expertise with automation, expert systems, reporting, visualisations and artificial intelligence.

Following extensive R&D, beta-testing and planning, the first Virtual Assistants will be launched at a London press conference in Q1 2016, with more released throughout 2016. They are aimed at all businesses that have an in-house function and will be available globally, including to other law firms.

When these Virtual Assistants are launched Riverview Law will have a comprehensive suite of technology solutions that range from tailored applications for global organisations on an enterprise-wide basis through to off-the-shelf, quick to launch, pre-configured tools for in-house teams.

Karl Chapman, Chief Executive of Riverview Law, says: “Because the Kim technology is applicable to all sectors, we are running this subsidiary as if it is a stand-alone business. In this context Riverview Law licenses the Kim technology on an arms-length basis and exploits it in the legal market, which is our domain expertise. During 2016 we will review the best way in which we can ensure that Kim fulfils its potential, globally, while ensuring that the Riverview Law board remains focused on delivering solutions for the fast changing legal market.”

“Most businesses are, or are becoming, technology-led. Riverview Law is no exception. We handle thousands of legal matters every year for global corporations, mid-sized and fast-growing businesses. This expertise allows us to productise our knowledge in ways that help in-house functions of all sizes, in all sectors, globally. As a board we are very focused on scaling our business internationally using technology as the entry point into new geographies.”

Kim stands for Knowledge, Intelligence, Meaning. Knowledge is pervasive, intelligence requires meaning and context to be effective and provides all three.