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From 1st September 2018, Riverview Law was acquired by EY. For more information please click here.

Using our Legal Operations Platform our project teams are experts in providing document reviews, remediation and prototyping managed services and technology solutions for customers.

We deliver large document review and remediation projects for corporations. One of our key skill sets is assembling the right team to deliver appropriate projects on a fixed price basis.  Our teams typically combine project managers, data analysts, lawyers and paralegals. With many years experience in delivering such projects we have a structured approach to implementation, workflow mapping and management, quality assurance and customer reporting and communication. This enables us to deliver large and complex projects efficiently and consistently combining people, processes and technology.

Our Managed Service offering is applicable to the 60%-70% of legal work that large businesses do week-in, week-out, month-in, month-out that can be packaged into long-term managed service arrangements; from commercial contract and obligation management, through employment and IP to patents and property. Using customer dedicated teams which combine lawyers, client managers, data analysts and other professionals, all employed by Riverview Law, we help free the internal legal team to focus on higher value added strategic and tactical requirements. Some of our customers decide to prototype a potential Managed Service solution before committing to a long-term partnership. Our projects team are experts in managing this prototyping process and refining the model with the customer before it is transferred into our managed services teams under a long-term contract.

Via our Technology offering we help corporate legal and related departments (e.g. contract management, company secretarial, risk, compliance …) to use data and technology to evolve their operating models, improve quality, manage risk and reduce costs. We help them ensure that the right work is undertaken by the right people, in the right place and at the right price, whether the work is managed internally and/or externally. If a customer decides it wishes to prototype a technology solution prior to full deployment our projects team assists in this process and, if successful, it is then transferred seamlessly into the technology team for implementation and roll-out.

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