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Under the microscope: Louise, HR Administrator

Under the microscope here is Louise who is a HR Administrator. We get asked numerous questions about what it’s like to work at Riverview Law so we decided to profile some of the different roles throughout our business. We have published a series of case studies on Riverview Law employees which will give you a feel for the people within our business, the roles they undertake and what it’s like to work here.

Me: Louise 

My role: HR Administrator

What I did before joining: 

Prior to working in Riverview Law I spent 9 months working as a Client Relationship Coordinator in a HR company, this role followed on straight from my degree at Edge Hill University where I studied Early Childhood Studies.

Why I joined:    

I joined Riverview Law because I had heard nothing but positive feedback about the business. It was clear that the culture here was of key importance and that all current employees could vouch for that. Having not worked in this line of work before, it was all completely new to me. However, straight away I started noticing and understanding just how successful Riverview Law was becoming, and how much change was taking place. Being involved in this is a fantastic opportunity which would be hard to turn down.

What surprised me most in my first week at Riverview Law:

For me my first week at Riverview Law was a massive success. The week long induction that took place really displayed the six values. I met a lot of members of staff, all carrying out different roles within the business.  Time was taken to ensure that we all knew every individual is a key part of the business and all of this was done whilst having fun

What I’ve learnt since joining:

Since joining Riverview Law I have grown massively in my HR knowledge and my personal confidence. I have learnt that support is here any time, and everyone is happy to help! I have been exposed to a massive amount in my time here and Ihave been encouraged every step of the way to ask questions, give feedback and succeed in what I am doing. Not only have I learnt a huge amount in my role, I have also had the opportunity to learn about other roles within the business.

What I enjoy most about my job:

I enjoy coming into the office every day to such a pleasant atmosphere with positive and friendly people. Having such great colleagues makes coming in every day so much easier, it really is One Team! I also appreciate how many opportunities I am given to develop my HR knowledge, and learn more and more on a daily basis. The support given from my manager and other members of the team really encourages me to push myself.

How Riverview Law compares with other places I’ve worked:

I have never worked in a place where literally every individual is appreciated. The whole business regularly get updates from our Chief Executive; this allows us all to know exactly where we are as a business, and ask any questions we may have. The social side of the business is not like I’ve experienced in any previous jobs. Riverview encourages social events, many of them being organised by our Social Committee. The business understands that it is important for all employees to connect both inside and outside of work.

Why I’m still here:

There are many reasons why I am still here, the main reason being my personal development. I have noticed massively how much I have learnt since joining the business and the encouragement I have received since day one to progress within the business.  I am treated as an individual and been offered a huge amount of support to get to where I want to be. Also of course, the people here are a definite reason to stay!

What I’d say to potential applicants:

I would recommend to anyone thinking of applying to just do it! Whatever role it is for, it does not matter. When Riverview says they encourage people to be themselves, they really do mean it!